Sex and the City Litter

This litter was a dream come true for Pam as she had waited over twenty years to breed a puppy to take into the showring. The puppies, two bitches and a dog, were born on 24th April 2004. The kennel names were taken from characters in the cult series "Sex and the City".

Ranchstar Carrie was named after the main character, Carrie Bradshaw (we were not allowed to use Bradshaw as it is a registered affix). She went to live with Jez, Tessa and Vizsla, Taz in Cambridgeshire. They had just lost their old Vizsla, Scooby. They call her Caccia which means hunter in Italian.

Ranchstar Mr Big was named after Carrie's love interest. He went to live with Zoe, Charlie and their family in Cheshire. They call him Ecco which means "Im here" in Italian. 

We kept Ranchstar Miranda Hobbes who is named after Carrie's kooky red headed friend. We call her Eszti, again a Hungarian girl's name which means star. Eszti is very much a mummy's girl and is devoted to Pam. She has a hip score of 4/5. Eszti qualified for Crufts 2006 where she was fourth in a class of seventeen and was Best in Show at our village companion dog show last year.

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